Tradition Two: For our group purpose there is but on ultimate authority – a loving God as expressed in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants, the do not govern.
Tradition Four: Each group is autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or ACA as a whole. We cooperate with all other Twelve Step programs.
Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the adult child who still suffers.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller

To start with this organizational chart is upside down.

The most important important part of ACA isn’t actually on the chart. It is each individual Adult Child who is working toward recovery is at the center of all that we do. This happens in each group. The structure of ACA is to provide help and resources to groups and individuals to aid in recovery.

So, this chart is upside down.

ACA Intergroups are formed to provide a forum for conducting ACA business within a geographical area. The Intergroup helps coordinate helpline functions, public information efforts, hospitals and institutions meetings and ACA events in a given area.

A Regional Service Committee serves a similar function by helping coordinate ACA functions and fellowship business among Intergroups in a geographical area.

You are now at the Midwest Regional Service Committee website. We serve serve and coordinate the work and needs of the Intergroups in the Midwest. These Intergroups include:

  • West Great Lakes

  • Northeast Wisconsin

  • Minnesota

  • Metro Detroit

  • Indianapolis Area

  • Missouri & Southern Illinois

  • Southwest Ohio

  • and groups in North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa & Nebraska who have ACA groups but no active Intergroups at this time.


This Midwest Regional Service committee is still in the process of being organized. Please stop back from time to time as we establish ourselves and the work we have to do.